Kids Dentistry

Dr. Philip Gallegos DDS has years of experience in the field of kids dentistry. The entire team of Gallegos Family Dentistry is experienced in dealing with kids and is extremely gentle and careful. We guarantee stress-free and painless experience and a range of comprehensive services tailored just for kids dentistry.

Below are some of the services which are included in our kids’ dentistry portfolio. We can also tailor an individual treatment plan for every single kid according to his or her dental needs. 


Fluoride is compound that contains fluorine, a natural element. Fluoride incorporates itself into the matrix of the tooth structure, remineralizing early areas of decay and inhibiting decay from progressing further.

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Complete New Patient Exams

The complete exam appointment involves a complete dental exam, oral cancer screening, and a full mouth series of x-rays in order to examine your teeth bone and supporting structures. This is done leaving no stone unturned and enabling Dr. Gallegos to give you a complete and thorough exam. Should treatment be recommended Dr. Gallegos will explain all treatment recommended and answer all questions you may have regarding his recommendations.

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Athletic Mouthguards

Dental injuries are the most common type of oral facial injuries sustained during involvement in sport. For that reason a custom fitted mouthguard is an important piece of equipment to use during involvement in sports. We offer a custom fitted guard made specifically for the athlete in order to prevent any injury during sports playing.

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