Jan 21

The Four Different Types of Teeth We Are Born With!

Posted by Phillip Gallegos

You may have noticed that your teeth all look different, but not many people know why. In a human mouth there are four types of teeth, all with a different function: 

 • Incisors are the teeth babies usually get first, and they include the top four and bottom four center teeth in your mouth. These teeth are flat and can be sharp, which is why we primarily use these eight teeth for biting into foods. 

 • Canines are the more pointed teeth to the left and right of our incisors. These teeth are truly the sharpest and are best used for tearing food apart. Roots of these teeth are much deeper than our others given their length. 

 • Premolars, also know as bicuspids, are the four teeth on the sides of our mouths - two on top and two on bottom. These teeth are larger than the others and are best used for crushing and chewing food. 

 • Molars are the last teeth, furthest back in your mouth and are the largest. The flat surface and wide base allows for additional chewing and grinding of food. 

 We need all of these teeth to get the most out of our eating capabilities, which is why it’s so important to take care of them! Proper brushing for two minutes, twice daily and regular flossing will help keep your teeth strong and cavity-free.  If you have questions about how to keep your pearly whites, call Gallegos Family Dentistry at 505-503-6720 or visit us online at  

Stay Healthy!!