Mar 09

Causes and Treatment for Bad Breath

Posted by Phillip Gallegos

Many people think that bad breath is merely an inconvenience and something that's socially unacceptable. While both of those hold true, bad breath can actually be a major warning sign of a serious dental health issue or general health issue. The team at Gallegos Family Dentistry would like to take a moment right now to look at some of the basics concerning bad breath, what its causes are, and how it can best be treated by skilled dental care professionals.   Read More »

Feb 26

How Do Cavities Form?

Posted by Phillip Gallegos

“You have a cavity.” These are the words all patients dread hearing at routine dental check-ups. However, the reality is that most patients have, or will, hear these words at one point or another. But even though most patients have experienced a dental cavity at some point, most don’t understand how they form. At Dr. Philip M. Gallegos' practice, Dr. Gallegos believes that understanding how a cavity forms can give patients a better understanding of how to prevent dental cavities from developing.   Read More »

Jan 13

$600 Special for Full Mouth Deep Cleaning (AKA Scaling and Root Planing)

Posted by Phillip Gallegos

In recent news researchers have found a link between the bacteria that cause gum disease and those that cause cancer.  The researchers found the following. Read More »