Jan 13

$600 Special for Full Mouth Deep Cleaning (AKA Scaling and Root Planing)

Posted by Phillip Gallegos

In recent news researchers have found a link between the bacteria that cause gum disease and those that cause cancer.  The researchers found the following.

Fatty acids from bacteria present in gum disease may cause Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS)-related lesions and tumors in the mouth

The information comes from a study by Case Western Reserve University. The researchers analyzed how byproducts in the form of fatty acids cause the growth of the lesions. 

This finding could result in early saliva testing for bacteria. The person could then possibly be treated for signs of cancer or cancer before it would become malignant. 

The information appears in the Journal of Virology. 

The study primarily looks at the bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis and Fusobacterium nucleatum, both of which are connected to gum disease. People with periodontal disease show high levels of these bacteria in their saliva. 

In an effort to combat gum disease we are now offering a discount on deep cleanings (scaling and root planing) for cash patients.  Not everyone needs a deep cleaning.  There are tests that the dentist and or dental hygienist need to perform in order to determine if you are in need of a deep cleaning.  So, if you are concerned you may have gum disease or simply need a routine checkup, come and visit Gallegos Family Dentistry on the corner of Coors Blvd, and Montano Rd and let us help you maintain your oral health today.  Visit us online at or call us M-F at 503-6720.